Industrial strength cover & full non-slip bottom

Three Sizes Available:

#BKM5240 – BackMate®
Size: 1″ x 52″ x 40″
Weight 8.0 lbs

#BKM8232 – BackMate®
Size: 1″ x 32″ x 82″
Weight 10.0 lbs

#BKM5030 – BackMate®
Size: 1″ x 30″ x 50″
Weight 6.0 lbs.

COLDGON® Orange Cushion Specifications: Cover is flame retardant, anti-static, oil resistant, & UV resistant. Serviceable temperature range of is -30F to 185F. DO NOT USE these products to insulate the human body from electrical voltage! Patented in the United States & Canada.